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Resume and Job Search





Want to get better job leads from OnRamp? You can, simply by editing your online resume. OnRamp is smart technology that analyzes your resume to get a complete picture of you. So the more information you give OnRamp about your unique background, the better job leads you’ll get. OnRamp finds job opportunities that:

  • match other jobs you’ve had
  • use skills and knowledge you’ve described on your resume,  including things like volunteer  experience, and
  • are similar to jobs that other people with resumes like yours have been hired for

When you add more detail about your work and other experiences -- like your education, military experience, and volunteer activities -- OnRamp can find job leads that are a better match with your skills and interests.

To edit your resume, click View/Update under Resume on the top navigation bar, and select a tab to edit. For example, if you want to edit a job description, open the Work History tab and click on the pencil icon to the right of the job title. This will show you the tools that suggest keywords and phrases to help you describe your work experience more fully.

OnRamp helps you "think outside the box" by suggesting jobs that use your skills and experience. Some of the results may be for jobs you had not considered. But OnRamp "knows" that other people with backgrounds like yours have successfully switched onto jobs like the ones it is suggesting for you. We encourage you to consider new or different career directions. It will improve your chances of landing an interesting job!

Sometimes OnRamp results might seem to be using job experiences or skills you would prefer it to ignore. By removing that kind of information from your resume, you can focus OnRamp on finding job leads that are more interesting to you.



Fine-tune your job search

OnRamp finds job leads for you based on information you enter. Click on Fine-Tune Your Job Search to adjust the results you get. For example, when you type in keywords such as "project manager" you can specify whether you want these keywords to be part of the job title, the job description or both. You can also set preferences for other job-related options, and OnRamp will find job leads matching them.

Want more job leads?

You'll get more results if you increase the radius (number of miles) from your ZIP code or select any location. Another way to get more results is to search for jobs posted within the last 30 days, rather than just the last day or week.

Want to narrow OnRamp's job leads?

Type in words that are unique to the field or kind of work your interested in. Use terms commonly used only in a particular industry. You can further customize your job leads by choosing the occupations, industries, education levels, salary ranges and locations you want.

Want to focus OnRamp  even more?

If you want OnRamp to focus only on certain kinds of jobs you've had in the past, select Jobs that match my resume and are at least a 3, 4 or 5 star match under Which Jobs to Search.

Or, if your're thinking about changing career paths or returing to a previous occupation, you can select All jobs, without matching your resume. As always, Onramp relies exclusively on search criteria you give it, to produce good leads for you.

OnRamp  puts you in control

When you are satisfied with your job leads, tell OnRamp to Save this search & notify me of new jobs. Soon your'll start getting fresh job leads -- tailored just for you.



We hope that by now you have received lots of job leads from OnRamp -- even some exceptional ones. But did you ever get one that made you wonder, "What are they thinking?"

When you get a lead that doesn't seem right for you, we urge you to think again!

As the saying goes, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Sometimes job titles don't accurately describe the job. If you read the entire job posting, you could find that the work activities and requirements actually match your experience and skills surprisingly well.

OnRamp  gives you new opportunities to consider

Unlike most other job-search sites, OnRamp searches for more than just keywords and job titles. OnRamp uses your resume and profile to find the broadest possible range of opportunities that suit you

  • Besides the typical job leads you expect, OnRamp suggests other types of jobs where your skills, knowledge and work experience make you a solid candidate.
  • These jobs may surprise you -- but the leads are based on OnRamp's knowledge of current hiring trends.
  • OnRamp examines the profiles of people who have work experience and qualifications like yours. When these people have job success in a new type of job or field, OnRamp suggests similar opportunities for you. We encourage you to consider these unexpected possibilities.

What if you don't meet every job requirement?

Don't give up! If you show a willingness to learn new things, some employers will consider a candidate who does not meet every requirement.

  • When you get job leads, notice what skills employers are looking for. Your job leads show you which skills could make you a stronger job candidate. Consider learning some new skills that you don't have.
  • If a job lead contains skills you don't have in your resume or profile, OnRamp gives it a lower "star" rating.
  • If the job leads you get from OnRamp don't seem like a good match for you, you can customize your job preferences. Start by clicking on the Fine-Tune Your Job Search tab. Job Search Tip #2 describes that steps.

OnRamp is designed not just to get you back to work, but to help you achieve your overall career goals.

Check out OnRamp on and put it to work for you today!

Registered Apprenticeship

Earn while you learn with registered apprenticeship! From day one you will earn a paycheck guaranteed to grow as you learn new skills that are in demand. Build a successful, long-term career with little or no educational debt.

Re-employment Orientation

Learn about all the ways the NJ Department of Labor & Workforce Development can help get your job search started off on the right foot in this brief video tutorial.

Job fairs are an excellent opportunity to fine tune your networking and interviewing skills and make professional connections to aid you in your job search. Check out our calendar to find a job fair near you.


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